Alaska Earthquake Center Perspectives

Alaska Earthquake Center Perspective 2024

The last few years have been a period of growth and change as we have worked hard to strengthen Alaska’s ability to navigate large earthquakes. Expanded strong-motion instrumentation allows us to support the engineering and emergency response communities. Our tsunami hazard products now cover 60 communities. We have developed our high-rate GNSS capabilities. And perhaps most significantly, we capitalized on the National Science Foundation’s Transportable Array project to finally achieve a truly statewide monitoring capability, the Alaska Geophysical Network. The Perspective 2024 covers these topics and more as an update to the2020 Perspective. Don’t forget to take the waveform quiz on the cover!


Alaska Earthquake Center: A 2020 Perspective

The Alaska Earthquake Center is not historically in the habit of producing annual reports. We are in a dynamic time, however. Societally-significant earthquakes and multiple tsunami concerns over the past few years have brought more attention to what we do. At the same time, we are experiencing significant growth in several areas.

Our goal in distributing A 2020 Perspective is to communicate the breadth of our activities and the diversity of our stakeholders, helping us become even more effective at meeting the earthquake and tsunami science needs of Alaska and the nation.