Fairbanks: 400 miles from the epicenter

Four hundred miles from the epicenter, at 1:30 in the morning, many in Fairbanks did not feel the earthquake at all. For those who did, it lasted for a long time and came as two distinct, widely separated shocks.

Natasha Kozyreva, our lead analyst, described waking up to the P-wave arrival and counting the seconds until the larger S-wave hit. It took about a minute.

You can see that long gap between P- and S-arrivals on the data from our Fairbanks strong motion stations. You can also see that the solid ground up on Chena Ridge shook less than the looser soils elsewhere. Unfortunately our station at the airport was waiting to be reinstalled, but we have data here from Ester, UAF, East Fairbanks, and other locations.

Please visit our special page for figures and analysis related to this earthquake.

Thanks to Lea Gardine for putting this map together.

waveforms across Fairbanks