Latest Earthquakes

  • M2.7   at 10:01 PM, 42 mi S of Westdahl Peak
  • M2.7   at 09:33 PM, 29 mi N of Valdez
  • M1.7   at 09:28 PM, 12 mi W of Anchorage
  • M1.9   at 09:17 PM, 64 mi E of Pump Station #2
  • M1.6   at 09:15 PM, 65 mi SE of Pump Station #2

Latest News

For two weeks in July I was onboard the Research Vessel Sikuliaq as an apply-to-sail participant of the Alaska Amphibious Community Seismic Experiment (AACSE). AACSE is a broadband seismic array designed to investigate the subduction zone structure and seismicity across the Alaska Peninsula. In July we deployed 30 of the project’s planned 75 ocean bottom seismometers (the other 45 were deployed in May on a 3-week long cruise). The entire array covers an approximately 650 km along-strike segment of the subduction zone, including the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island. It reaches about 250 km seaward of the trench, extending offshore the existing seismic network in the region. The project also includes a land component consisting of an additional 30 temporary seismometers densifying the existing network and making this array shore-crossing.