Latest Earthquakes

  • M1.4   at 07:32 PM, 12 mi NE of Willow
  • M1.0   at 07:03 PM, 36 mi NW of Cape Yakataga
  • M2.3   at 06:48 PM, 18 mi SW of Iliamna Volcano
  • M3.2   at 06:00 PM, 13 mi E of Iliamna Volcano
  • M1.7   at 05:50 PM, 48 mi E of Denali Park

Latest News

The largest and third largest earthquakes worldwide in 2020 were both in Alaska: the M7.8 Simeonof Earthquake and its M7.6 aftershock. In total, the Earthquake Center reported about 49,250 seismic events in Alaska and nearby regions in 2020 (figures 1 and 2), making it the state’s third largest year, after 2018 (about 55,000 seismic events) and 2019 (about 50,000 seismic events). The M7.8 Simeonof Earthquake was significant in many ways from producing a small tsunami and damage to coastal Alaska Peninsula communities to its potential impact on our understanding of the Aleutian Megathrust and subduction beneath Alaska. Let's explore this sequence and others we are watching and how they contribute the year in earthquakes.