Latest Earthquakes

  • M3.4   at 06:20 PM, 27 mi S of King Salmon
  • M1.6   at 05:33 PM, 38 mi NW of Klukwan
  • M2.1   at 04:36 PM, 20 mi SW of Karluk
  • M1.4   at 04:34 PM, 13 mi N of Icy Bay
  • M1.3   at 03:41 PM, 31 mi SW of Cantwell

Latest News

Recently, many national news outlets picked up a story about the earthquake and tsunami threat posed by Alaska’s Shumagin Gap. The headlines were frightening. Representative examples include “Alaska at risk of a massive earthquake and tsunami similar to devastating 2011 Japan event” (Newsweek) and “Fault linked to big tsunamis found off Alaska” (The Weather Channel).