Latest Earthquakes

  • M0.8   at 05:24 AM, 19 mi NW of Nenana
  • M1.1   at 05:18 AM, 22 mi E of Hayes Volcano
  • M2.2   at 05:05 AM, 18 mi SE of Ninilchik
  • M1.2   at 05:01 AM, 43 mi S of Nikolai
  • M1.8   at 04:03 AM, 41 mi N of Hayes Volcano

Latest News

Two of our field crew, blessed with adequate weather, made the 180-mile flight from Kodiak to Chirikof Island last week. Once there, they replaced two aging seismometers, measured battery voltages and radio signal strength, and then checked on the cattle fence. Yes, a seismic station on an uninhabited island in the Gulf of Alaska needs protection from feral cattle.

We keep 80-90% of our sites running through the winter, but the ones that fail die Alaskan deaths—solar panels crushed under yards of snow, radios charred by lightning, cables chewed through by ground squirrels. In 2015 we flew to a station above the Kultieth River to find a bear had ripped the $8,000 datalogger out of the ground and left it lying in a pile of scat.