Latest Earthquakes

  • M3.2   at 9:02pm, 73 miles SE of Chignik
  • M1.5   at 8:53pm, 34 miles E of Talkeetna
  • M3.3   at 8:26pm, 62 miles S of Seward
  • M3.7   at 8:25pm, 37 miles SW of Kantishna
  • M1.4   at 8:05pm, 28 miles NW of Central
  • M2.4   at 7:45pm, 11 miles NE of Valdez
  • M1.3   at 7:26pm, 18 miles NE of Icy Bay
  • M1.4   at 7:15pm, 28 miles NE of Icy Bay

Latest News

Many of you have noticed the significant swarm of small quakes occurring about 8 miles west of Mt. Spurr. Since June 11, there have been hundreds of earthquake-like events with magnitudes up to 2.4. As of the beginning of August, there have been nearly 100 quakes exceeded magnitude 2, and many hundreds of smaller quakes. The numerous events have been hard to miss if you are in the habit of perusing the recent earthquakes map. Together with the Alaska Volcano Observatory we have been watching these carefully.