Latest Earthquakes

  • M1.1   at 06:07 AM, 13 mi W of Nenana
  • M2.3   at 05:42 AM, 10 mi NW of Anchorage
  • M2.1   at 05:40 AM, 17 mi N of Nabesna
  • M1.8   at 05:36 AM, 33 mi E of Delta Junction
  • M1.8   at 05:26 AM, 23 mi W of Anchor Point

Latest News

Long gone are times when seismic arrivals were read off paper or film recordings by human eyes and manually processed with pen and paper. Nowadays, ground motion recordings from hundreds and thousands of miles away are available in our computer labs within seconds being transferred via internet, satellite or cell modem uplinks. The main challenge now lies in how to process these readily available gigabytes of data in the most efficient manner and provide the most accurate information quickly. As mentioned in the story on 3 stages of earthquake locations, we can use an automated system to generate an initial earthquake detection and location.