Latest Earthquakes

  • M1.6   at 02:50 PM, 17 mi S of Skwentna
  • M3.5   at 01:35 PM, 38 mi S of Shungnak
  • M2.2   at 01:17 PM, 57 mi SE of King Cove
  • M1.4   at 01:06 PM, 14 mi NW of Chugiak
  • M1.3   at 12:34 PM, 40 mi N of Huslia

Latest News

At 9:10am on April 8, Alaskans from the Kenai Peninsula to Fairbanks had a little shakeup to start their day when a magnitude 5.5 earthquake hit. (As of the time this article was posted, there were no damage reports.) Several Earthquake Center staff felt it in Fairbanks. Some people reported feeling a small first shake followed by a rolling wave. The earthquake originated 16 miles southeast of Cantwell, nearly 100 miles from Fairbanks, so why was it felt so far across the state?