Latest Earthquakes

  • M1.7   at 8:33am, 8 miles W of Kantishna
  • M1.2   at 8:16am, 12 miles SW of Minto
  • M1.5   at 8:12am, 30 miles NE of Icy Bay
  • M0.7   at 8:10am, 8 miles NW of Kantishna
  • M1.2   at 8:07am, 49 miles E of Denali Park
  • M1.4   at 7:48am, 38 miles SE of Cantwell
  • M3.3   at 7:41am, 46 miles S of Point Hope

Latest News

Pavlof volcano began a new eruption on March 27 with little advance warning. Many people have asked why there were no earthquakes in the days prior, or for that matter why the maps continue to show no earthquakes at Pavlof even though it is erupting. After all, aren’t precursory earthquakes one of the primary tools we use in forecasting eruptions? Pavlof is the odd, sneaky exception.