Latest Earthquakes

  • M1.5   at 12:58 PM, 7 mi NE of Willow
  • M1.8   at 12:57 PM, 50 mi W of Burwash Landing
  • M2.2   at 12:42 PM, 23 mi N of Hatcher Pass
  • M2.4   at 12:41 PM, 27 mi SE of Kodiak
  • M1.3   at 11:56 AM, 32 mi S of Kantishna

Latest News

March 19, 2020 update.    Like all of you, the Alaska Earthquake Center has quickly reconfigured to adhere to public health guidelines while trying to maintain business and operational continuity. Because three out of four earthquakes have always happened outside of working hours, the idea of coordinating our efforts away from the office is nothing new, albeit on a different scale. We are disappointed to have canceled many upcoming tsunami and earthquake forums and educational opportunities, but I believe all of you understand. In the big picture, we feel the center is well-positioned for the weeks ahead and that our core mission will not be compromised.