Latest Earthquakes

  • M3.3   at 01:43 AM, 175 mi SE of Kodiak
  • M3.3   at 01:25 AM, 174 mi SE of Kodiak
  • M1.4   at 01:17 AM, 19 mi NW of Anchor Point
  • M3.5   at 12:59 AM, 132 mi SE of Kodiak
  • M1.2   at 12:52 AM, 55 mi SE of Telida

Latest News

At 12:31am on January 23, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck in the Gulf of Alaska about 180 miles southeast of Kodiak Island (see figure 1). It was the second time in three years that an early morning January earthquake woke Alaskans across the state. In 2014, the magnitude 7.1 Iniskin earthquake had brought Southcentral’s most violent shaking in recent memory. By contrast, Anchorage residents described the magnitude 7.9 as a far gentler ride, and there were no reports of significant damage.