• M2.3   at 02:08 AM, 5 mi NE of Mt. Chiginagak
  • M1.7   at 01:53 AM, 49 mi W of Pump Station #10
  • M2.0   at 01:51 AM, 27 mi W of Denali Park
  • M0.6   at 01:40 AM, 10 mi S of Ester
  • M1.8   at 01:39 AM, 7 mi SE of Willow

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Coastal M5.4 Earthquake Likely From Within the Subducting Slab

The M5.4 earthquake on Sunday morning March 19th was widely felt in Kenai Peninsula communities and as far as the MatSu valley (Fig. 1). With a depth of 40.6 miles, it is likely that this earthquake occurred in the Pacific Plate.