Latest Earthquakes

  • M1.9   at 02:52 PM, 54 mi NE of Sutton
  • M3.3   at 02:38 PM, 24 mi SW of Amchitka
  • M2.9   at 01:23 PM, 48 mi SW of Seguam Island
  • M1.6   at 01:16 PM, 37 mi E of Denali Park
  • M1.7   at 12:09 PM, 31 mi W of Valdez

Latest News

Mitch Robinson is retiring after 33 years at the Geophysical Institute. Throughout those decades he has been a quiet, steadfast part of the UAF and GI community.

In January of 1989, Mitch Robinson began a career with the Alaska Earthquake Information Center (now the Alaska Earthquake Center). In April of 1989, he completed a software package named XPICK. This software was ground-breaking because it allowed seismic data analysts to process earthquakes in near-real-time. The analysts could now edit earthquake phase arrivals via a graphical user interface. The program was used for many years by the center and was deployed and used by organizations around the world. As a token of appreciation for the software package, Mitch received an award from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

When asked, Mitch says he is most proud of his work on the development of XPICK. However, there is far more that those who worked with him will remember fondly.