Latest Earthquakes

  • M3.5   at 01:32 PM, 20 mi SE of Tyonek
  • M1.9   at 01:16 PM, 24 mi SE of Redoubt Volcano
  • M1.6   at 01:00 PM, 18 mi NE of Chenega Bay
  • M2.8   at 12:48 PM, 34 mi SE of Perryville
  • M1.4   at 12:39 PM, 23 mi N of Talkeetna

Latest News

Earthquakes beneath and around Denali are very common and in fact encapsulate three stories of Alaska seismicity in one location. Last night’s (Tuesday 31 January) magnitude 5.2 earthquake is just one part of the Denali regional story.

While the majority of the earthquakes are small and shallow, deeper earthquakes are also frequent. A map view of earthquakes does not accurately portray the threefold nature of the region.