Latest Earthquakes

  • M1.0   at 07:15 AM, 10 mi E of Minto
  • M3.5   at 06:39 AM, 156 mi SE of Kodiak
  • M1.5   at 05:29 AM, 19 mi NE of Icy Bay
  • M1.3   at 05:21 AM, 19 mi SW of Kantishna
  • M1.8   at 05:20 AM, 33 mi NW of Yakutat

Latest News

Sometimes after a significant earthquake, the Alaska Earthquake Center will publish a short movie showing ground motions recorded on seismic stations around the state. While these ground motion visualizations generally are more for display than for rigorous scientific study, a few interesting seismology tidbits can be seen when you compare different earthquakes side-by-side.