Significant Event

Significant events are ones that impacted the Alaskan people, shaped our understanding of earthquakes across the state, or are just plain fascinating. Significant events include large magnitude earthquakes, earthquake swarms, large landslides, large glacial-calving events, and tsunami-generating (tsunamigenic) events.

The interactive map presents events with dedicated content pages that include in-depth information and graphics. A chronological list of events is available below the map.

Explore the map and click on an event to learn more.


Event list


2023 M7.2 Sand Point Earthquake


2021 M8.2 Chignik Earthquake
2020 M7.8 Simeonof Earthquake and M7.6 aftershock
2019-2020 Purcell Mountain Swarm
2018-2020 Eastern Brooks Range Swarm
2018 M7.1 Anchorage Earthquake
2018 M6.4 Kaktovik Earthquake
2018 M7.9 Offshore Kodiak Earthquake
2016 M7.1 Iniskin Earthquake
2015 M6.4 Iliamna Earthquake
2015 M6.8 Sutwik Island Earthquake
2015 M6.9 Fox Islands Earthquake
2015 Pribilof Island Swarm
2014 M7.9 Little Sitkin Earthquake
2014 M6.3 Skwentna Earthquake
2014 M5.2 Minto Earthquake
2014 M6.0 Palma Bay Earthquake
2014 M6.0 Seward Glacier Earthquake
2014 M7.9 Rat Islands Earthquake
2014 Noatak Earthquake Swarm
2013 M7.5 Craig Earthquake
2013 M7.0 Andreanof Islands Earthquake
2012 M5.8 Northern Cook Inlet Earthquake
2012 M6.3 Gulf of Alaska Earthquake
2012 M6.4 Andreanof Islands Earthquake
2012 M6.2 Fox Islands Earthquake
2011 M7.3 Fox Islands Earthquake
2011 M5.2 Kantishna Earthquake
2010 M6.7 Fox Islands Earthquake
2010 M6.5 and M6.3 Bering Sea Earthquakes


2009 M6.5 and M6.4 Fox Islands Earthquakes
2009 M5.4 Skwentna Earthquake
2008 Kasatochi Earthquake Swarm
2008 M6.6 Andreanof Islands Earthquake (May)
2008 M6.6 and M6.4 Andreanof Islands Earthquakes (April)
2007 M6.4 Fox Islands Earthquake
2007 M7.1 Andreanof Islands Earthquake
2007 M6.3 Alaska Peninsula Earthquake
2007 M6.4 Andreanof Islands Earthquake
2007 Northeast Brooks Range Earthquake Swarm
2007 M5.7 Southwest Yukon Territory Earthquake
2007 M6.7 Andreanof Islands Earthquake
2006 M6.6 Andreanof Islands Earthquake
2006 M6.4 Rat Islands Earthquake
2006 M6.4 Fox Islands Earthquake
2006 M5.4 Yukon Flats Earthquake
2005 M6.2 Unimak Island Earthquake
2005 M6.8 Rat Islands Earthquake
2003 M7.7 Rat Islands Earthquake
2002 M7.9 Denali Fault Earthquake


1999-2001 Kodiak Island Earthquakes
1996 M7.9 Adak Earthquake

Before 1990

1965 M8.7 Rat Islands Earthquake
1964 M9.2 Great Alaska Earthquake