2014 Noatak Earthquake Swarm

Nearly 100 aftershocks were reported through end of April. Five aftershocks had magnitudes of 4.0 or greater. The largest aftershock, magnitude 5.3, occurred at 10:56 am AKDT on April 18, about 12 minutes after the mainshock.

On May 3 at 12:57 am AKDT (8:57 UTC) another moderate earthquake, magnitude 5.5, occurred in the same area. It was followed by a vigorous aftershock sequence with 7 events having magnitudes 4 or greater. The two largest aftershocks were both M4.7 and occurred about an hour after the mainshock. Only 3 seismic sites were located within a 300 mile radius of the earthquake; therefore, only aftershocks with magnitudes approximately 2.5 and greater were located.

Last Modified: December 2, 2023