The Earthquake Center publishes a wide variety of materials in support of our research and public engagement missions.

Materials Hosted at UAF

Many of our materials are published on the UA ScholarWorks site. This venue provides permanent URLs and citation-appropriate sources for reports, outreach materials, datasets, and theses:

Datasets Published by the Center

Reports and White Papers

Related Graduate Student Thesis

Suggested citation format:
Author last name, author first name; & author last name, author first name. (Publication year-month) Title. UA ScholarWorks. ScholarWorks link

Example: Gardine, Lea; West, Michael; & Grassi, Beth. (2020-10) Alaska Earthquakes Poster. UA ScholarWorks.


Journal Publications

Many of our affiliated staff, faculty, and students maintain reference summaries of their research. These can be found through our staff directory and through the Seismology and Geodesy group at the Geophysical Institute.

The Earthquake Center’s quarterly reports include lists of new publications.

The Perspective reports include a list of publications from that year. 


Tsunami Publications

Our tsunami experts generate a variety of tsunami resources:

Inundation reports, including subsidence and permanent flooding maps, published through the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys

Pedestrian travel time maps and maritime response guidance reports published by the Alaska Earthquake Center in ScholarWorks

Community Tsunami Hazard Brochures published by the Alaska Earthquake Center