We are scientists, engineers, data analysts, field technicians and educators with a shared passion for working in the evolving geology of Alaska. We are motivated by the reality that some of the great tragedies of our time are caused by earthquakes, as well as the knowledge that earthquakes are a powerful tool for understanding our landscape and the resources it contains.



Michael West
Research Professor/State Seismologist
Natalia Ruppert
Interim Director of Operations
Elisabeth Nadin
Communications Manager
Heather McFarlin
Seismic Data Manager
Matt Gardine
Systems Manager
Nate Murphy
Field Network Manager
Ron Wilkes
Seismic Data Analyst
Nick Alexeev
Software Developer
Joanne Heslop
Field Engineer
Alexa Winter
Field Engineer
Daniel Diaz
Field Engineer
Luke Underwood
Gabe Paris
Shah Khan
Seismic Data Analyst
Ayumi Bakken
Seismic Data Analyst
Samantha Wiser
Executive Assistant
Oliver Wood
Web Administrator
Shila Cotton
Science Outreach Specialist
Stephen Holtkamp
Product Analyst
Elena Suleimani
Tsunami Modeler
Dmitry Nicolsky
Tsunami Modeler
Natalia Kozyreva
Lead Seismic Data Analyst
Alexandra Farrell
Michael Place
Field Engineer
Beth Grassi
Science Communications Specialist
Ezgi Karasozen
Research Seismologist
Gabriel Low
K-12 Outreach Specialist
Sam Jeffries
Field Engineer
Hank the Tank
Seismic Station Strength Specialist


Sebin John
PhD Geophysics Student
Alex Fozkos
Geophysics Graduate Research Student
Gabrielle Davy
Geophysics Graduate Student
Sarah Noel
PhD Geophysics Student
Sujata Neupane
Engineering Graduate Student