We are live!
Michael West

We are thrilled to introduce a completely redesigned website for the Alaska Earthquake Center.

This site has been quite some time in the making. Our previous web presence served us well for many years, but both the content and technical framework were showing their age. The new site is built on a 2015 framework that will make it easier to build in new features and adapt to the changing demands of desktop and mobile users. This framework will also do a better job at handling increased web traffic after significant earthquakes.

The changeover helped us re-envision the types of content our users have made clear they want. In many ways the new site is not as deep with content as the previous one was. We have chosen to err on the side of brevity and add content in accordance with demand. Huge kudos go to Ian Dickson, Matt Gardine and Mitch Robinson for bringing this site and its server infrastructure to life. There are numerous other people in Alaska and beyond whose contributions can be found across various pages. 

The site is not complete. It never will be. Our goal is to continually add and update the information people rely on us for. Though we quietly dropped “Information” from our name, providing information about earthquakes is why the center exists. We are confident the new site gives us the tools and architecture to do this better than ever.

The previous site will stick around until we are confident in the transition. It will be decommissioned, however, so I encourage you to poke around the new site and become familiar with the tools and resources. Let us know what you love, what you miss, and what you would love to see going forward. Comments can be directed to uaf-aec@alaska.edu.

Our new banner graphic gives a quick glance at earthquake activity across the state.

The interactive earthquake map let's you view and analyze the earthquakes you are interested in.