2007 M5.7 Southwest Yukon Territory Earthquake

This event was located in an area between the two main strike-slip fault systems in the region, the Denali fault in the east and the Fairweather fault in the west. The Fairweather fault system marks the transverse boundary between the North American plate to the east and the Pacific plate to the west. The Denali fault is an intraplate structure that traverses Alaska and Canada for about 1,200 km.

This event was located in the region directly affected by the ongoing collision of the Yakutat block with North America. This collision causes buildup of tectonic stress in the earth crust that is released in events similar to the M5.7 earthquake of January 9, 2007.

The source parameters of the M5.7 mainshock indicate reverse faulting on a NW-SE oriented fault plane.