Magnitude 3.1 - 43 miles NE of Brevig Mission

September 14, 2022 01:21:53 AKDT (September 14, 2022 09:21:53 UTC)
65.6243°N 165.1474°W    Depth 1.0 miles (1 km)

Tectonic Setting of Northwest Alaska

A wide, diffuse zone of seismicity extends from northwest Alaska across the Bering Strait into eastern Russia. This zone is believed to mark northern boundary of the Bering microplate. Moderate-to-large normal faulting and strike-slip events have occurred in this region, including on the Seward Peninsula. The largest of these events was the 1958 M7.3 Huslia earthquake. It was a normal faulting event that produced extensive failures in unconsolidated surficial deposits within a northeast-striking zone. In 2014, a vigorous earthquake swarm was recorded about 25 miles north of Noatak on the Lisburne Peninsula.

Contributed by:
1Alaska Earthquake Center
2USGS National Earthquake Information Center
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