Magnitude 4.0 - 48 miles SW of Kaktovik

January 23, 2023 12:44:38 AKST (January 23, 2023 21:44:38 UTC)
69.5383°N 144.7274°W    Depth 1.2 miles (1 km)

No reports of this event being felt have been received at this time.

Tectonic Setting of the Brooks Range

Seismicity in the Brooks Range is characterized by intraplate earthquakes associated with mountain building and crustal reorganization. A broad earthquake band extends from northeast of the Brooks Range toward the Beaufort Sea. Earthquake source mechanisms comprise a mixture of strike-slip and normal faulting events, indicative of north-northwest compression and northeast extension. Together with the North Slope, this seismic zone produces a few magnitude 4-5 earthquakes per year.