Magnitude 2.3 - 39 miles NW of Bogoslof Island

November 17, 2023 05:59:03 AKST (November 17, 2023 14:59:03 UTC)
54.2119°N 168.8845°W    Depth 15.6 miles (25 km)

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Tectonic Setting of the Bering Sea

The northern part of the Bering Sea includes a wide, diffuse zone of seismicity extending from western Alaska across the Bering Strait into eastern Russia. This zone is believed to mark the northern boundary of the Bering microplate. The central region of the Bering Sea is virtually aseismic, with most seismicity concentrated along the continental shelf. The southern edge is marked by the Aleutian Islands archipelago, where seismicity is associated with ongoing subduction processes. The largest recorded earthquake in the Bering Sea, of magnitude 6.6, occurred in 1991 and was located 160 miles (257 km) southwest of St. Matthew Island. In 2010, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake occurred about 150 miles (241 km) northwest of the 1991 earthquake.