During the month of March 2022, the Alaska Earthquake Center reported 3795 earthquakes within the state. The largest earthquake was magnitude 5.2 that occurred on March 1 at 13:31:14 AKST (March 1, 22:31:14 UTC), 38 miles S of Shemya Is. Twenty earthquakes of magnitude 4.3-4.8 were recorded along the subduction zone, a M4.8 occurred in Beaufort Sea on March 6th, and a M4.3 was recorded 44 miles SW of Kaktovik on March 15th. We continued to monitor ongoing seismic activity within Anchorage, Kaktovik, offshore Kodiak and Semionof-Chignik aftershock sequences. Icequakes occurred in  Prince William Sound and Yakutat Bay glaciers. Twelve earthquakes were reported as felt in March.


Magnitude 5.2, 38 miles S of Shemya Is, March 1 13:31:14 AKST
Magnitude 4.8, 202 miles E of Kaktovik, March 6 12:54:14 AKST
Magnitude 4.8, 28 miles W of Nikiski, March 12 10:59:49 AKST
Magnitude 4.8, 12 miles N of Iliamna Volcano, March 23 10:45:13 AKST
Magnitude 4.4, 189 miles SE of Old Harbor, February 28 19:13:09 AKST
Magnitude 4.4, 1 miles SE of Amchitka, March 30 02:36:25 AKST
Magnitude 4.3, 44 miles SW of Kaktovik, March 15 00:44:01 AKST
Magnitude 4.3, 50 miles SE of Kialagvik Creek, March 20 08:35:53 AKST
Magnitude 4.3, 99 miles S of Atka Pass, March 24 10:07:58 AKST
Magnitude 4.3, 32 miles S of Kiska Volcano, March 3 19:57:17 AKST

This report was compiled by N.Kozyreva

The data in this report are preliminary and subject to revision. The earthquake parameters have been determined by the AEC, with supplemental data provided by the USGS National Earthquake Information Center. The data are released on the condition that none of the cooperating agencies may be held liable for any damaged resulting from its authorized or unauthorized use.

For more information on earthquakes and seismology, contact the AEC at 907-474-7320.