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At 10:21pm, based on the size and location of this earthquake, the National Tsuanmi Warning Center issued a tsunami warning for South Alaska and the Alaska Peninsula, from Hinchinbrook Entrance (90 miles east of Seward) to Unimak Pass (80 miles northeast of Unalaska), and for the Aleutian Islands from Unimak Pass to Samalga Pass (30 miles southwest of Nikolski). The NTWC also issued tsunami warnings for Southeast Alaska, and other regions of South Alaska and the Aleutian Islands not covered in the warning.

A number of communities issued evacuations, including Chignik Bay, Chignik Lagoon, City of Kodiak, False Pass, Homer, King Cove, Nelson Lagoon, Old Harbor, Sand Point, Seward, and Unalaska.

The NTWC cancelled the tsunami warnings and advisories about 1:30am Alaska time. Wave height measurements at the time of the cancellation were:

Sand Point, AK    0042  PDT Jul 29    0.5ft
King Cove, AK     0109  PDT Jul 29    0.4ft
Unalaska, AK       0205  PDT Jul 29   0.3ft
Kodiak, AK          0127  PDT Jul 29   0.5ft
Old Harbor, AK   0205  PDT Jul 29    0.7ft
Alitak Bay, AK     0142  PDT Jul 2     0.4ft

Last Modified: August 2, 2021