During the week of March 20, 2023, the Alaska Earthquake Center reported 813 earthquakes within the state. The largest earthquake was magnitude 4.9 that occurred on March 20 at 15:25:29 AKDT (March 20, 23:25:29 UTC), 38 miles N of Uliaga Island.

Other notable events were a M3.5 16 miles SW of Talkeetna on March 21, 2023 19:40:24 AKDT, a M3.6 7 miles N of Clam Gulch on March 26, 2023 08:10:04 AKDT, a M3.9 43 miles W of Elfin Cove on March 22,2023 01:59:14 AKDT, and a M3.7 42 miles W of Elfin Cove on March 22, 2023 06:34:05 AKDT. These four events were reported as felt.

Seismic activity near the Tanaga and Takawangha volcanoes remained elevated during this week. There were 24 volcano-tectonic events ranging in magnitude from M1.6-M2.8.  These volcanoes are still at "YELLOW Alert Level ADVISORY" by the Alaska Volcano Observatory.  Please see https://avo.alaska.edu for more details.

There were 7 icequakes recorded in Prince William Sound.


Magnitude 4.9, 38 miles N of Uliaga Island, March 20 15:25:30 AKDT
Magnitude 3.9, 43 miles W of Elfin Cove, March 22 01:59:15 AKDT
Magnitude 3.7, 42 miles W of Elfin Cove, March 22 06:34:05 AKDT
Magnitude 3.6, 7 miles W of Kasilof, March 26 08:10:05 AKDT
Magnitude 3.5, 57 miles SE of Nikolski, March 25 17:43:00 AKDT
Magnitude 3.5, 51 miles S of Unalaska, March 25 00:33:13 AKDT
Magnitude 3.5, 16 miles SW of Talkeetna, March 21 19:40:25 AKDT
Magnitude 3.5, 33 miles S of Yunaska Island, March 24 12:47:35 AKDT
Magnitude 3.4, 42 miles W of Glennallen, March 21 18:22:41 AKDT
Magnitude 3.4, 40 miles SE of Adak, March 26 13:07:06 AKDT

This report was compiled by Ayumi Bakken

The data in this report are preliminary and subject to revision. The earthquake parameters have been determined by the AEC, with supplemental data provided by the USGS National Earthquake Information Center. The data are released on the condition that none of the cooperating agencies may be held liable for any damaged resulting from its authorized or unauthorized use.

For more information on earthquakes and seismology, contact the AEC at 907-474-7320.